All nail enhancement services include a hand massage. We use Creative nail Design, which has superior qualities such as non-yellowing and durability to the nails. It also contains Ethylmetacrylate Liquid that is not harmful to natural nails.

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Acrylic Full Set (Free White Air Brush)




Acrylic Fill




Solar Pink & White Full Set




Solar Pink & White Fill           




                                       (W/White add)




Color/Glitter Acrylics   (add per color)




Acrylic Removal




UV Gel Full Set             (Free White Air Brush)       




                                       (W/Blush Gel Add)




UV Gel Fill




                                       (W/Blush Gel Add)




Gel Pink & White Full Set




Gel Pink & White Fill




                                       (W/White Add)




Gel Brush-on

$7 & up



OPI Axxium Color Gel Add on Hands




OPI Axxium Color Gel Add on Feet




                                       (W/French Add)




Silk Full Wrap/Fiberglass




Silk Fill Wrap/Fiberglas




Sea Shell Acrylic Nails Available



*All prices subject may change without notice*